Introducing Kulik Force! Kulik Force is a collection of amazing vehicles under the command of Joe Kulik. When the situation is out of control, these seemingly ordinary cars transform and interlock to form MECHAKULIK, an enormous warrior that defends Earth from evil forces!
Kulik Force's flagship, a custom 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. This classic woodie's V-8 breathes through a 4 barrel carburetor and exhales through headers and dual pipes. Real red oak is laminated to the sides and stained with slick flames. It's a real head turner and conversation starter. A motorcyclist once inquired how I finished the wood while cruising at 60mph beside me on the highway!
Team favorite, the 1976 MGB Roadster. The condition of this MGB when first obtained could have been considered not worth restoring. Determined to work with what I had, I remained dedicated to it's completion for over three years. Let it be known that I could not even change my own oil when I began the restoration.
A 1979 Honda CB750f is the latest addition. Spraying this bike royal blue was a simple way to give new life to an old cruiser.
copyright 2009 Joe Kulik